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Sonja Von Gericke

Content Creator

As a fourth-generation co-owner of Kamstra's Pianos, I began my career steeped in tradition and family heritage. Working alongside my father, I developed a solid foundation in business management and customer relations. However, after a traumatic armed robbery, I made a courageous career shift and entered the real estate industry.

My transition to real estate was marked by immediate success. Within just eight months, I was honored with the Best Rookie Agent of the Year award, as well as accolades for Most Units Sold and Highest Commission Earned. Recognizing my potential and leveraging my business acumen, I opened a new branch for my real estate firm, where I managed, trained, and led the team to secure the 3rd Overall Best Branch of the Year award in its inaugural year.

Over my 26-year tenure in real estate, I cultivated a deep passion for training and marketing. This passion led me to relocate from Pretoria to Cape Town, where I established my own Real Estate Training Academy. As a certified trainer, assessor, and moderator, I dedicated myself to empowering others through education and skill development.

My journey took an exciting turn when I was introduced to Ilana Golan and the Leap Academy. Joining their team as a Strategic Career Coach, I found my true calling. At Leap Academy, I specialize in helping individuals overcome career challenges, ascend the corporate ladder, and transform their professional lives. Additionally, I contribute to the academy's marketing efforts, ensuring our message reaches those who need it most.

Throughout my career, I have been driven by a profound commitment to honesty, loyalty, and a genuine desire to assist others. My diverse experiences and unwavering dedication to helping others make me a proud and integral part of the Leap Academy success story.

On a personal note, I am blessed to be married to the most wonderful husband, Johan. Together, we have three amazing children, and I am a proud grandmother to three beautiful grandchildren whom I adore. My family is my greatest joy and source of inspiration, enriching my life in countless ways.

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