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Advance Your Career & Make 5-6 figures EXTRA INCOME in Record Time

(Even if you’ve been STUCK for years!)

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Leap Academy Ilana Golan | Best coaching program for professional & executive, career development, leadership advancement, personal brand building, reputation boost, public speaking

Learn The 4 Shifts

Do you feel like...

You want to do more but you’re not quite sure what.

You want to land the right role for yourself or start your own successful business.

You want to gain the financial freedom and recognition you deserve and leave a true legacy.


Get ready for your transformation.


Learn the 4 shifts that only top professionals and entrepreneurs know.

Professionals at Leap Academy landed roles in companies such as:


...and countless startups, VC's, & startup accelerators!

Leaped into a Sr. Director role in Kaltura.

"LEAP really pushed me to get organized and focus on what I wanted next and assisted me in fine tuning my elevator pitch...
It also pushed me to build my personal brand and secure as many speaking opportunities as possible to help improve my online profile... This brought in two amazing opportunities one for VP and one for Sr. Director in a fast growing startup which I decided to take.... Ilana, you are awesome!"


Ilana Golan review  -  Leap program -Leadership, Executive & Career Development
Ilana Golan review by Dganit - Leap to CEO  - Leap program -Leadership, Executive & Career Development

Landed a CEO role in 4 months.

Going through the LEAP program helped me get to crystal clear goals, which made it possible for me to understand what I'm looking for...The network I got access to through the LEAP program made it possible for me to connect to a [Venture Capital in the U.S.






Hey, I'm Ilana!

Leap Academy Ilana Golan | Best coaching program for professional & executive, career development, leadership advancement, personal brand building, reputation boost, public speaking

I've leaped in my career repeatedly: Engineer, tech executive, turned entrepreneur (exit), tech investor (in over 80 companies), Forbes Contributor & Public Speaker.

Selected top 40 women to watch in 2016 and Business Insider Silicon Valley Women of influence in 2017.  I've taken all this experience to create the absolute most practical and result-driven program for professionals who want to achieve more in their careers.

Leap Academy is disrupting professional education. I've seen this program and network transform thousands of lives and careers and featured on Yahoo Finance, Market Watch, Fox, NBC, CBS, ABC, and more.  

Leap Academy Has Helped Generate:


in salary increases for 300 clients


value to markets through client results


in mergers and acquisitions


in venture capital

Leap Academy In The Media:

google review of ilana golan and leap academy, Best coaching program in the world, Professional & Executive Coaching and Leadership Career Development

You’re a smart, successful, high-achieving professional

but you have been feeling stuck or simply want more from your career...and life.

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You've lost that spark in your eyes and wonder what your next career direction should be...

Untitled design (2).png

Or perhaps you know what you want but you're not sure how to get there.

Untitled design (2).png

You want to feel confident in every conversation and to be paid your worth.

Untitled design (2).png

You want to be recognized as the incredible leader you know you could be... But how?

Untitled design (2).png

You see others leap, landing incredible roles and starting successful businesses. This should have been you...

But it's not you. At least not yet. You need change.

Ilana Golan review  -  Leap program -Leadership, Executive & Career Development



"I just had a very powerful business analysis and alignment session with Ilana Golan, who is just wonderful. I came to her with a complicated 6 year history of twists and turns and an ask for advice how to untangle it all and she sorted me out in under an hour. Incredible.


She gets how individuals work as deftly as she does startups, investors, and corporations. Highly recommend you connect with her if you're needing help figuring out how to take the next leap in your career."

How We Help...

Our clients come to us when they know they want more from their careers but not sure what or how to get there.

Some are confused about what's next in their careers because their skills are spread across countless of topics and they are not sure which direction is right for them. 

Others know they have to land a leadership role but they've been getting countless rejections and they are not sure how to make it work. 

The rest know they want to create a legacy and start their own business but want to ensure this leap is successful.

Untitled design (2).png

They've hired fancy resume writers, professional LinkedIn editors, and sent hundreds of resumes.

Untitled design (2).png

They've watched endless YouTube videos and free webinars, worked with executive coaches, and read leadership books.

Untitled design (2).png

Some even got an MBA with the hopes of moving faster up the ladder or starting a successful business. 

None of these worked...

The reason why none of these have worked is because they never got complete clarity on what they wanted to be known for.

Because their career direction, their new story, and their reputation were not aligned.

When these three things are not aligned, you can't articulate your expertise with confidence. Your network can't become your ambassadors and won't bring opportunities your way. You also won't be paid a premium for the amazing value bring.

We teach our clients to find their zone of genius, experiment with their career direction, craft their story, boost their reputation, and strategically broaden their network.

This builds the foundation that will enable them to fast-track their careers, leaping again and again, gaining the pay, recognition, and fulfillment they want for themselves.

We give you the tools and strategies you need, plus the community and support necessary to build yourself as a thought leader and take your career to an entirely new level. 

Our proven system works and there's nothing else like it out there...

Watch our complimentary training about the steps our clients use to reinvent themselves and leap their careers.

Leap Academy Gets Rave Reviews!

Ilana Golan review by Maybar  -  Leap program -Leadership, Executive & Career Development

From executive in tech to starting her own marketing firm

"I've done workshops or other similar things in the past but in this case,  the results are phenomenal and fast! I started writing articles and it opened up a whole new world for me.  I get people to ping me for my expertise all the time! The Weekly meetings motivate and energize me through this process. I am thrilled with this program,it is priceless."



Landed a Director role in a company she wanted.

"LEAP helped me clarify my priorities and my zone of genius, Prepare my elevator pitch. Interview and negotiation. The community was great & I wasn’t alone + The quality of LEAPers was inspiring. Many helped me (doing intros, offering dry-run interviews, sharing their executive board profile…)
Ilana, thank you for your personal passion, enthusiasm & energy, and believing in us."


Ilana Golan review  -  Leap program -Leadership, Executive & Career Development
Ilana Golan review by Cherie -  Leap program -Leadership, Executive & Career Development

From an executive in tech to start her own vegan business.

"You and the team made this happen...I am so grateful I joined! I want to tell the story of the Leap and in such uncertain times. I think it is awesome."


Ilana Golan review by Chaim -  Leap program -Leadership, Executive & Career Development

Started his own business within 30 days of CareerLeap.

Ilana is a great professional and an inspiring person, and her program is a real catalyzer, will keep you on your toes and make you significantly advance – in your understanding of where you want to go, what you need to do to get there– and give you real tools to do so. Highly recommend from personal experience.



Ilana Golan review  -  Leap program -Leadership, Executive & Career Development

She leaped into tech and doubled her salary during Covid (amazing)!

"Joining Ilana's #CareerLeap program was THE BEST CHOICE I could possibly make to commit to my desirable professional future."


Ilana Golan review  -  Leap program -Leadership, Executive & Career Development

Leaped from academia to leadership coach.

"Career Leap has transformed my business strategy completely and turbo-charged my progress, I cannot recommend it enough. The most valuable lesson I’ve learned and implemented is that done is better than perfect."



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